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Reap all the benefits 

IIOTERO brand Predictive Maintenance, Industry 4.0 and Industrial
Grade Private Data & cutting-edge Contact-free Ai self- Wireless Charging Over- Air energy anywhere always power devices

Improve productivity, reliability and security. Lower operating costs. Do more for your business. Reap all the benefits of Industry 4.0 with our networking solutions that takeyour business-critical manufacturing and logistics operations into the digital age.

We can help you build an Industry 4.0 network that’s ready to connect an unparalleled volume of machines, IoT sensors and data. One that lets you take advantage of mobile workstations and robotics, and new digital technologies like machine learning, AI and cognitive analytics.

Our end-to-end solutions deliver the speed, flexibility and efficiency you need to realize the promise of digital transformation. Their proven capabilities will help you mitigate security threats, ensure stability and reliability, automate and streamline processes, and align your IT initiatives with your business strategies. 


Industrial-Grade Private Wireless

What do you get with IIOTERO ndustrial-Grade Private Wireless

Intrinsic security 

Protect your operations with built-in encryption and authentication capabilities

Mission-critical reliability 

Avoid downtime with robust connectivity that keeps critical systems up and running

Pervasive coverage 

Extend ubiquitous connectivity across large sites, indoors and outdoors

Predictable performance 

Meet growing demands with consistently high data rates and low latency

Power your critical sensors with VoltsUp Ai self wireless power & charging over-air

What do you get with IIOTERO

Contact-free Ai Self-Wireless Charging over-air

IIOTERO  offers two different ecosystems and wireless power solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Integrated module ecosystem and a stand-alone ecosystem. Ai self RF wireless charging over-air & Distances and data acquisition ecosystem. 

Our second solution includes energy harvesting and power solution from multiple ambient sources, including indoor and outdoor solar, thermal gradients, vibration, and data acquisition ecosystem. Our power solution includes charging sensors and devices with onboard batteries or powering battery-less sensors and devices for the Industrial internet of things 4.0. 

IIOTERO Industrial 4.0 build on industry - leading edge platforms




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