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Medical Equipment


VoltsUp Ai self uncoupled radio frequency (RF) technology-based wireless charging over-air & distance and Energy Harvesting, enhancing, recover technology ecosystems. can be used to power and charge  many portable medical devices that are commonplace in hospitals and doctor’s offices. 


Our technology can be used to charge surgical power tools, handheld diagnostic instruments, and portable infusion pumps. By eliminating the need for wired chargers or removable batteries, medical devices can be designed to be hermetically sealed, with smooth surfaces 


uninterrupted by connectors, charging ports, and battery compartment doors. Such devices are easier to sterilize and less prone to failures associated with repeated connector insertion and battery replacement. 


From a productivity and ease-of-use standpoint, such devices can be more easily charged without requiring multiple charging cradles and cords. VoltsUp wireless charging over-air can be used to wireless charging for portable rolling equipment such as diagnostic and monitoring 


instrumentation, computer carts, drug-delivery carts, and gurneys. Today, such devices are built with battery packs that must be recharged by plugging them into a wall outlet. Charging cords present a number of problems in a hospital setting. In a crowded operating room or nurse’s station, charging cords can be a physical trip an electrical safety hazard. The cords and the charging connector ports on the rolling devices are difficult to keep clean and sterile, VoltsUp solves the need for power cords by wireless charging over air and distances.



VoltsUp Technologies Inc. Ai self uncoupled radio frequency (RF) technology-based wireless charging over-air & distance + Energy Harvesting + enhancing recover technology + Data + Ecosystems. 

Imagine the impact of never having to charge battery devices.


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