VoltsUp Technologies Inc is a Research & Development, Manufacturing Ai self-contained radio frequency (RF) uncoupled wireless charging over- air and distances,Energy harvesting, Enhancing recover technologies company. 

Our Company focuses on developing, licensing technologies to third parties company and business to business integrated technologies, licensed distributors, joint ventures development, investment opportunities.

VotsUp Mission: To develop and build cutting-edge technologies that can be seamlessly integrated into existing technologies or as stand-alone technologies."VoltsUp What legends are made of and what we say we made happen".

VoltsUp team brings to the forefront 40 years of electronic and electrical experience in Research & Development,Manufacturing, Design, Sales, Business to Business, plus over 25+ years field experience in the predictive maintenance field, Data acquisitions software, development, and remote monitoring.

The team has extensive field knowledge Water and Waste Water Treatment Plants, Food Processing Plants, Fabrication Plants, Industrial infrastructures, Automation Factories operations. Professional members of over 99+ associations worldwide.

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VoltsUp Technologies Inc. Ai self uncoupled radio frequency (RF) technology-based wireless charging over-air & distance + Energy Harvesting + enhancing recover technology + Data + Ecosystems. 

Imagine the impact of never having to charge battery devices


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