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Ai self – contained Contact-Free Ai Self-Wireless Energy Anywhere, Always powered Devices”.
Advanced RF and multiple energy self- powered wireless over-air, and distances energy, simple, scalable, stackable ecosystems.


VoltsUp's can be integrated into existing technologies or solutions for new technologies. Enhance subscription base private wireless charging over-air network.

The technologies have 2 distinct attributes, first contact-free radio frequency (RF) base wireless power over-air, work over a wide range of radio frequency from 30 MHz - 30GHz. 


The second technologies multiple energy harvesting include Solar, RF, Microwave, Electromagnetic fields, EMF, Vibration, Temperature and enhancing recover technologies.

Advanced Near-Field, Mid Field and Far Field technologies. The technologies can power devices up to 80 ft at this time. In the Research stage, we have demonstrated RF energy harvesting from a distance of 24 Km.

Licensing & Partnerships

VoltsUp Technologies is pleased to announce it will be offering licensing agreements in 2020. A partnership, licensing with VoltsUp may include proprietary chip technology, design libraries, scalable transmitter, receiver reference designs, software from device firmware to cloud-based enterprise management tools, high volume technology transfer readiness documentation, custom design, applications engineering support, as well as patent know-how, and comprehensive intellectual property coverage.

We will be offering Business to Business licensing to companies seeking us to implement our technologies into there existing product lines.

Collaborate with Us

Interested in helping us bring Ai self-wireless power to the world? Imagine the impact of never to having charge battery device, let VoltsUp power your devices.

VoltsUp is now offering Investment opportunities, Licensing, joint ventures development agreements In USA, China. Opportunities are limited. Learn how you can be involved.


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