ITC Engineering Solutions Engaging in the development of new energy application technologies, Scientific. Services, Research, Manufacturing, Licensing, Designs, Sales and a B2B Full turn solutions company.  Construction & Project Management. Designing, Intelligent home Control System, Solar PV Systems and Solar Hot Water heating, Custom LED lighting designs and sales and installed .Our Team has over 30 years experience. 

Custom Home Automation 

ITCES now offer January 2022 custom Smart Home Automation Solutions

Smart Home Automation

ITC Engineering Solutions Inc now offering Smart Home Automation brand Samzon Home Autonation 

Custom Solar PV and Solar Hot Water

ITCES now offer custom Solar PV and Solar Hot Water solutions

Photo-voltaic hybrid solar thermal collector

Photovoltaic hybrid solar thermal collectors are PV panels and thermal collectors combined. You generate electricity on the one hand and hot water on the other hand, within same panel. They are especially suitable if a limited roof area is available. The name is PVT ( Photo Voltaic Thermal ). 

For Sales or partnership licensing 

Luxury Type Solar Collector

Our Luxury solar hot water flat panel collector High efficient core board, higher heat collecting BLU TECH Technique, Copper Board Welding Technique, D Shape Flow Pipe, more efficient heat collecting chrome collector. The transmitting heat efficiently, 21% higher than a standard black panel flat panel collector. Standard Solar hot water panels are screwed together, our luxury panels are compression fit together. Efficiency 89-98 % 

For Sales or partnership licensing 


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